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Painted Floral Wagon Wheel Door Hanger

Painted Floral Wagon Wheel Door Hanger

End date: 03-06-2022, 05:00:00 PM
Winning bid: $31.00 (6 bids)

This is an auction for an exclusive door hanger painted by Tamara Bennett in a live video tutorial.

The door hanger is between 18" to 20" in size and includes a hanger. The completed door hanger will be signed by the artist and shipped to the winning bidder at the conclusion on the auction.

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Bidder Amount Date
L*********** L*********** $31.00 03-06-2022, 04:02:10 PM
M****** M***** $30.00 03-06-2022, 12:09:38 PM
C********** E**** $29.00 03-02-2022, 11:24:32 PM
L*********** L*********** $28.00 03-02-2022, 05:15:34 PM
B***** D******** $27.00 03-02-2022, 12:42:42 PM
J************ L*** $26.00 03-02-2022, 12:18:15 PM
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